Branching from our oil and gas practice, CH&F can offer assistance to those seeking advice or assistance in estate planning. After an initial consultation, we advise clients how best to prepare for their future. And since we firmly believe that estate planning is imperative for all individuals, even those who may not be able to afford the services of an attorney, CH&F will discount our estate planning services for such clients, even offering our services pro bono (no charge) for those we believe to be in dire need of estate planning but who lack the necessary finances. We will also take into account whether the client is a veteran or otherwise a public servant, such as teachers and ministers, when assessing discounts to our estate planning. Here is a list of some of the documents we can help prepare:

  1. Durable Powers of Attorney;

  2. Health Care Powers of Attorney;

  3. Advance Directive to Physician/Living Will;

  4. Last Will and Testament;

  5. Revocable Living Trust, including the division of Trust Estate at Death;

  6. Quitclaim Deeds granting or reserving Life Estates or Joint Tenancy Estates; and

  7. Transfer-on-Death Deeds (for the applicable state).