Oklahoma's historical oil booms, combined with Oklahoma's current role in the US shale boom, has flooded the county clerk records with mineral conveyances and leasehold assignments, creating the increasingly daunting task of oil and gas title examination. Indeed, each passing year makes the title examination for many lands situated in Oklahoma a greater challenge, testing the patience and organization of the attorney reviewing the droves of instruments filed of record, along with the consideration and application of many unrecorded agreements, such as a joint operating agreement. Forged by years of experience, impeccable mentorships, and an eagerness to learn, CH&F is confident that we can render a drilling title opinion or division order title opinion for any lands situated in the state of Oklahoma, including those held by ancient production.

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Like Oklahoma, Ohio has a rich history of oil and gas production. Ohio is also playing a role in the US shale boom by contributing billions of cubic feet in natural gas production from the Utica Shale Play. Initially borrowing from our industry experience in Oklahoma, CH&F has formed an equal experience in Ohio -- an experience that began years before CH&F was formed. Furthermore, aside from having the prerequisite skills to handle the most complex leasehold in Ohio, CH&F has the infrastructure to handle and to give a quick turnaround for the heavy workload generated by the rendering of numerous drilling title opinions often necessary to cover the unitized acreage. Thus, we at CH&F are not only confident that we can examine whatever surprises historical production throws at us (not to mention the curve balls thrown by the developing law of Ohio's Dormant Mineral Act) but we are further confident that we can manage the sometimes intense workload with our family of attorneys.

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The Rocky Mountain terrain, created long ago by tectonic forces, overlays multiple geological stratum which have preserved beds of organic-rich fossil fuels. These beds have been a major source of oil and gas production in the United States, both historically and today. Knowing the importance of the Rocky Mountain Basin, CH&F has established an oil and gas practice in two key states: Wyoming and Colorado. Similar to our other states of focus, CH&F prepares drilling title opinions and division order title opinions for those clients contemplating drilling or those seeking to distribute proceeds from a completed well. Furthermore, to accommodate clients in this region, CH&F has an office in Denver, ensuring that we can offer the best legal services for both Wyoming and Colorado.