Cowan, Hubbert and Franklin prepares drilling, division order, acquisition and  surface right-of-way title opinions covering fee, state, and federal lands in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio and Texas . We understand the importance of timely legal services and the cost sensitivity surrounding every title project. 

Our team of title attorneys includes former in-house lawyers and landmen, so we understand our clients title needs from their perspective and the complexities of curing title defects identified in our opinions. CH&F works closely with our clients and brokers to provide a cost effective product as efficiently as possible. 

We understand that our clients may prefer a specific format, and we are happy to customize our opinions to better serve our clients' needs. As standard practice, our opinions include electronic division of interest spreadsheets, which can be tailored to best suit your revenue decks. Let us know how our title team can help you complete your next project.