CH&F’s real property practice, directly linked with our practice pertaining to oil and gas rights, is tailored to those transactions related to the transfer or encumbrance of ownership rights in real property. From surface title review to the preparation of deeds and easements, CH&F extends its knowledge of oil and gas law to matters concerning surface ownership, including the placement or removal of liens filed for record. Therefore, for any client interested in services that may or may not involve mineral rights, we are equally prepared to handle surface rights only. Here is a list of some of the documents we can negotiate and/or prepare:

  1. Warranty Deeds and Quitclaim Deeds;

  2. Contracts for Deed;

  3. Easements or other right-of-ways;

  4. Surface Leases;

  5. Powers of Attorney (to convey real property rights);

  6. Lis Pendes Notices;

  7. Title Opinions limited to surface ownership; and

  8. Real Estate Contracts, both residential and commercial.